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In Cub Scouting, youth, families, leaders, and chartered organizations work together to achieve the following objectives:

  • To influence a child's character development and spiritual growth

  • To help youth develop habits and attitudes of good citizenship

  • To encourage good sportsmanship and pride in growing strong in mind and body

  • To improve understanding within the family

  • To strengthen a child's ability to get along with others

  • To help foster a sense of personal achievement by developing new interests and skills

  • To provide fun and exciting things to do

  • To show how to be helpful and do one’s best and prepare them to Be a Scout


Rank Advancement

The first patch earned by all cub scouts is the Bobcat patch.  This is earned by demonstrating a basic knowledge of scouting and must be achieved before rank patches are earned.  Each rank is working toward earning the patch for that level.  The Tigers are working toward earning their Tiger patch, the Wolves are working toward their Wolf patch, etc.  In order to earn their rank patch, each scout must complete a certain number of achievements throughout the year, either at den meetings or with "Akela", their parent.  These achievements are signed off as completed in the scouts handbook, first by "Akela", then by the Den Leader when the achievement has been recorded in  Additionally, the scout may complete electives, which are optional items.  Each scout's rank handbook contains complete information about achievements and electives.

At Pack meetings throughout the year, "progress toward advancement" belt loops or patches are awarded to scouts after they've completed the necessary requirements.  Other optional awards may also be earned and awarded.  The final rank advancement patch is awarded at graduation or toward the end of the year, usually in a special ceremony.

Scout Uniforms

All scouts are required to wear a Class A shirt, neckerchief and slide for rank and a belt. These may be purchased at the Scout shop on I-459 at Liberty Park.


Every year we sell Trails End popcorn for fundraising.

This is a required participation fundraiser and happens in the fall.

Health and Safety

Every scout parent is required to complete a health form provided by the district.

We encourage all parents to take the online Youth Protection Training.  All leaders have completed a background check and are required to complete youth protection training prior to assuming the role as a leader.

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